3 Reasons You Should Talk to Your Doctor About Sex


While you may blush at the thought of telling your physician about sex, sharing between-the-sheets details with your doctor could improve your health—and your sex life.

If you need some convincing that your doctor should know about your sexual habits, here are the top three reasons you should have the talk.

1. Sex = Health

Because having sex is a normal, healthy bodily function of human adults, your doctor needs to know about your sex life just like they need to know about diet and exercise. While you don’t have to share your preferred positions, you should always tell your doctor about:

Your sexual orientation. Knowing your sexual orientation can help your doctor provide care that is more relevant to your needs.

Your method of birth control and disease prevention. If you don’t have a contraceptive method, your doctor can help you find one.

Problems you have during sex, like pain, bleeding or dryness. These symptoms may be signs of infection, menopause or even cervical cancer.

Changes in your sex drive. A change in sex drive may indicate menopause, depression or other conditions that your doctor can treat.

Your sexual health gives your doctor a clearer picture of your overall health and helps them provide the best care possible.

2. There’s a Prescription for Better Sex

If sex has become less enjoyable for you or you aren’t interested in sex anymore, your doctor could have the cure you need. For instance, ladies in menopause might experience a more active sex drive by taking a little testosterone. Women who have vaginal dryness might find a specialized lube can give them their groove back.

Having an enjoyable sex life is good for your health and your relationships. If you are having problems with sex, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for help.

3. Sex Doesn’t Stop Being Important

Some women may talk to their doctors about sex when they are younger and worried about preventing pregnancy or disease. However, sex never stops being important to your health and happiness. When your doctor cares for you, they are looking to optimize your physical, mental and emotional health. Whether you are 21 or 81, sex always plays a role in promoting wellness.

The next time you see your doctor, don’t be shy. Speak up about sex early in your appointment to be sure you can have all your questions answered.


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