Don’t Fall for These Common Pregnancy Myths


When you get pregnant, you’ll hear advice from everyone and their mom. But, despite efforts from doctors everywhere, many people still believe these pregnancy myths. These old wives tales are silly at best and harmful to your health at worst.

You’re Eating for Two

In reality, growing babies don’t need many calories. Your body is designed to give the baby what they need to grow. That’s why women carry more fat on their hips than men; that fat helps the baby grow during late-stage pregnancy and breastfeeding.

You’ll only need to eat a little extra to help your little one grow, just about 300 calories a day. If you have a body mass index above the normal range, you may not need to eat anything extra at all. And even if you are scared of gaining baby weight, you should never diet or restrict calories while you are pregnant.

Always talk to your doctor about nutrition during pregnancy for advice on what and how much to eat. Gaining too much weight or losing weight during pregnancy can be harmful for you and baby.

You Can’t Dye Your Hair When You’re Pregnant

It’s easy to see how this myth got started since fumes from hair dye can make pregnant women nauseous. However, the small amount of hair dye that gets absorbed into your skin won’t hurt you or the baby.

Carry Low For Boys, High For Girls

The location of your baby bump has nothing to do with your baby’s sex. Your bump will sit high or low depending on your uterus, your ab muscles and how your baby is lying at the time. After all, all babies drop lower in your abdomen as you get closer to your due date. An ultrasound is the best way to find out what sex your baby is.

Lotions Can Prevent Stretch Marks

As tempting as it is to try anything to stop stretch marks, no lotion on the market can stop the marks from showing up. Stretch marks occur when your body, particularly your abdomen and breasts, grow at a faster pace than your skin. Almost 90 percent of women get stretch marks during pregnancy, so you’re in good company. And if your mother got stretch marks, you’re more likely to get them, too.

If you are unhappy with your stretch marks, dermatologists might be able to help you get rid of them after pregnancy.

You Can Start Labor By Eating Foods or Having Sex

When you are 40 weeks along, you may be ready to just have the baby already. Unfortunately, there’s no way to speed along your little one. While some people will say having sex, eating spicy foods or drinking cod liver oil will put you into labor, scientists can find no proof that any of these tactics actually work. Your baby will come when he or she is ready.

More Babies Are Born During A Full Moon

Some people will swear by this ancient myth, but birth rates don’t show any uptick in babies born during a full moon. However, more babies may be born during storms, possibly due to changes in barometric pressure. So if you are ready to have your baby, keep an eye on the weather. The next bring storm may just bring your little one into the world.


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