Eat Pears to Help Lower Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure


A new research published in Food Research International said that some pear varieties can help prevent diabetes, and hypertension caused by diabetes. Bartlet and Starkrimson peel and pulp extracts contain phenolic compounds which can be very effective in reducing the risk of hypertension, early stage diabetes and intestinal ulcers.

Experiments on how pears affect metabolic processes, such as blood sugar control, were conducted in test tubes. Eventually, researchers recommend consumption of the whole fruit, because it can help prevent diabetes and the risks which are connected to this condition.

The study authors stated:

“Such dietary strategy involving fruits, including pears, not only potentially could help better control blood glucose levels, but also reduce over-dependence on drugs for prediabetes stages, or complement a reduced pharmacological dose of drugs with side effects to combat very early stages of type 2 diabetes.”

Pears and Gut Health

Researchers also found that pear extracts can inhibit the Helicobacter pylori, bacteria which are related to gastritis and stomach ulcers. It is important to mention that pears do not interfere with the good flora in the gut, responsible for keeping balance of the intestinal bacteria and maintains the metabolic and immune health.

There are more studies to be done in order to determine the other nutritional effects of the pears, as fiber content or amino acids which could also help prevent some diseases and improve the health condition of the body.

Researcher Kallidas Shetty said:

“This research helps make the case to build better  `food crops for health”.

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Source: Battle Diabetes | Just Natural Life

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