Extended Side Angle

  1. Arm is extended overhead creating an opening stretch all along  the side of the body. Palm faces down.
  2. Gently turn your gaze underneath the top arm; towards the ceiling.
  3. Imagine you are pulling the underside of the torso (the side of your body closest to the ground) up toward the ceiling.
  4. Back leg stays strong and extended, creating a solid foundation.
  5. Front leg is bent and, if possible, parallel to the floor. The knee should not extend beyond the toes. If your knee is tilting inward, gently correct by nudging it back inline with your toes.
  6. Without placing any weight into the hand, reach your fingertips toward the floor, either touching the floor or the forearm can rest against the inner calf just above the knee, gently pushing the calf back and away.
  7. Firmly anchor (back) heel
  8. Press both feet firmly into the ground, using all 4 corners of your feet. There should be equal weight distribution between the front & back feet.


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