Should I Get a Second Opinion About My Teeth?


Dental offices can vary greatly in their philosophies.  They may be traditional or modern, offer many options or a few, and can differ in their short-term and long-term goals for their patients.

One example is the subject of esthetic dentistry.  Some dentists promote “quick-fixes”, such as discounted veneers or crowns, or quickly moving just a few front teeth.  These options may be fine for some patients, as long as those patients are willing to accept the risk of spending a lot more money to correct problems in the future.

Other dentists have a strong focus on esthetics, including replacing and protecting teeth, and will take the time for an adequate evaluation.  They will study the patient’s pictures, models, and consult with their ceramist and specialists if appropriate.  They take the time to evaluate the patient’s biting and chewing ability, and use technology to present natural-appearing options to the patient. These options are meant to last. The patient can then make his or her most informed decision.

It is important to know that you are getting the results that you desire.  It is a good idea to seek a second opinion and to be sure that your dentist can meet your goals, especially if that goal is a lifetime of comfortable, healthy smiles.


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