Planning for Extensive Dental Work


When an extensive amount of dental work needs to be done, it takes a well thought-out plan and preparation.  Just as you wouldn’t construct a building without careful planning, the same holds true for dental procedures.

The initial exam consists of an oral cancer and TMJ screening, with a thorough assessment of the condition of each tooth. The bone and gum health are determined by a periodontal exam including measuring the gum tissue pockets, the mobility of each tooth, and assessing gum inflammation caused by bacteria.

The best x-ray is chosen to diagnose anything not showing up in the mouth. Sometimes a CT or MRI is needed to examine joint health.

Mounted model copies of your teeth should be used on an articulator, which acts like the jaw.  Digital pictures are uploaded to a software program to identify any other problems. Imaging is done to plan what your smile will look like.

This information allows the dentist to study and prepare treatment options to address your needs. Once you have chosen the right treatment, this allows the dentist to wax the teeth that need to be repaired or reposition them on the models. This comprehensive type of plan leads to the most effective treatment possible.


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