Does Tooth Replacement Hurt?


It is great to consider an implant as it is the best treatment for tooth replacement and is pain free. An implant is most similar to the natural tooth, and it helps retain bone after losing a tooth.

When the tooth is removed, it is best to place a graft of bone in its place when it is taken out. This allows your bone to fill in, even a better quality than would have filled in without it, and keeps the bone from “deflating” because of the tooth loss.

Three months later an implant is placed and you wait for the bone and implant to grow together, or integrate. At three months, the implant can be “uncovered” and a temporary tooth can be placed on the implant. This allows the gum to heal ideally. Six weeks later an index is taken and the lab can make a custom tooth for the implant. At the final appointment the restoration is placed on the implant.

Some protocols allow a temporary tooth to be placed the same day the implant is placed. This is done on a case-by-case basis and can always increase the chance of problems. There are options for you to have a temporary tooth while you are waiting for the final tooth. The whole process is easy and painless if the proper protocols are followed.


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